Tasmania Bike for Bibles

 2nd - 6th January 2023


Challenge yourself to ride 350km and raise funds to support adults and children in Egypt.

Let's transform lives through literacy in Egypt!

When?   2nd January – 6th January 2023

Where? Marrawah - Stanely - Wynyard - Devonport - Deloraine - Launceston

Costs? $10 registration and $260 on road costs. 

Why are we riding?

The quality of education in Egypt is low on the world scale. Teaching styles can sometimes be rigid; pupil participation is not encouraged enough. Many schools have poor infrastructure. Children often fail to properly learn literacy skills and a lack of practice can cause them to fall back into illiteracy. This need is greater than ever, as children have missed out on school and church activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Children and Adult Post Literacy project aims to build on newly learnt literary skills in students of all ages and prevent a relapse into illiteracy. This project makes Scriptures available, accessible and affordable to adults and children. Additionally, the project facilitates personal and spiritual development as individuals accept responsibility and take initiative for their ongoing learning.

Will you help us turn on the light of literacy for another 10,000 students this year?

Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the cut off date for registration?

Friday 9th December 2022

What if I can't commit to the whole ride? 

You are very welcome to join the ride at any point along the course. 

This will need to be organised beforehand, as well as re-negotiated on road costs. Roughly $55 per day with $10 registration fee

What is the maximum number of riders who can join this ride? 

There is a maximum of 30 riders and 6 roadies

What is the proposed course? 

Below is the proposed course:

Monday 2nd January: Marrawah to Stanley 84kms

Tuesday 3rd Jan: Stanley to Wynyard 67kms or 48kms (depending on the road conditions)

Wednesday 4th Jan: Wynyard to Devonport 65kms

Thursday 5th Jan:  Devonport to Deloraine via Sheffield 78kms

Friday 6th Jan: Deloraine to Launceston 56kms

Total distance = 350kms approx.  

Does it matter if I have not ridden before; can I still come?


Is there a sponsorship goal?

Riders are expected to fundraise $800

For members of the same family eg couples $1,500

Is there a minimum speed I should be able to ride at, to keep up with the group?

We ride in two groups:

  • Slower group should be able to ride at 20km/hr consistently 
  • Faster group should be able to ride at 30km/hr consistently 

It is recommended you include hills and slopes as part of your training 

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