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Bike for Bibles Tasmania was a great experience. Tasmania is a great place, with lots of climbs and descents. Very nice scenery and I'm glad I can still stay another few days having a holiday with my family. The people that I've travelled with and the ones I've met along the way were very friendly and encouraging. In total we rode ~1160kms for the main rides, but including unofficial rides (rest days), the total was ~1284kms. This picture is from the church in Scottsdale before leaving on our last day. It only has 8 of 10 cyclists/roadies who were travelling with us (I couldn't easily get my hands on the other group shot of us all), but it also has some of the lovely Scottsdale church family who served by billeting us. I am thankful to God for all the great hospitality along the way, as well as all the hard work which was put in by Graeme Perry (team leader and organiser), Neil Duff (roadie who we couldn't have done the ride without), and all the people working behind the scenes at the Bible Society including Phil Clifford. In times where I wanted to stay in bed or when I was less motivated, I was encouraged that this was going towards pre-school aged kids in Bangladesh, teaching them to read using the bible. Thanks to our God for making this happen!


Day 10

Finished, but drenched! This is probably the wettest ride I've done. We rode from Scottsdale after saying goodbye to the billet family. It was dry leaving, but starting raining shortly after we left, so we stopped to put on rain coats. Luckily for the main climb today up to the Sidling Lookout, the rain eased off. We took a short break up there. As we came down, the rain started again more heavily. It was hard to see, and my shoes were puddles. The ride was shortened as we were originally going to ride up Jacob's ladder, but it was too wet. As we were returning, it was getting colder, so the only way to keep warm was to ride faster. My dad and I rode ahead to Launceston and got a little lost, but we managed to find The Branch church where we finished and had lunch.


Day 9

Started in St Helens. It was a bit wet today but only light sprinkles. Dried up towards the end but the forecast for tomorrow isn't looking great :(
We stopped at Pyegana Dairy for morning tea. The gelato we had there fuelled us for the longish ~7.5km climb to our next stop in Weldborough for lunch (photo here). After lunch we passed through Derby and took a short break there. We finished in Scottsdale and are staying at a house in a farm with more lovely hosts and friendly animals too.


Day 8

Longest ride today 153.98kms. Lots of pedalling. Another new record for me. Started from the campsite in Little Swanport. Stopped for morning tea in Swansea. Warmed up a bit by lunch at Bicheno. The ride was a bit windy, but the scenery was nice. We cruised along to St Helens with afternoon tea break along the way. We are staying at St Paul's Anglican Church in St Helens. 


Day 7

Left Hobart this morning and cycled across the Bowen Bridge. Had morning tea at Richmond next to what is apparently Australia's oldest bridge (picture here). Lunch was at Buckland Roadhouse. After lunch we climbed up Bust-Me-Gall Hill and Break-Me-Neck Hill. Finished with a big effort 2km gravel road to a campsite we're staying at in Little Swanport. The campsite is pretty run down with poor mobile reception, but dinner was nice.


Rest Day 2 (riding anyway again)

Noodled and doodled around Hobart with dad. Explored various spots in/around Hobart including the Tasman Bridge, the Salamanca markets, the Shot Tower, The Cascade + various beaches and wharf areas. Picture taken at The Cascade Brewery with Mt Wellington in the background.


Day 6

Started in New Norfolk and rode through to Hobart. We tried going to a coffee shop for morning tea but it was closed so we had to find another one. After morning tea we climbed up Mount Wellington. When we reached the top, we had a rest and took photos. Then we went back down to have lunch at a park around Fern Tree. We took a route through a nasty gravel descent where my hands started to hurt from holding the brakes so hard. We went through Kingston and finished at a church in Hobart. Then we drove to another nearby church where we're staying for tonight and the rest day tomorrow.


Day 5

Started with the long climb along Poatina Rd with not much warmup. We "broke into" an abandoned church in the Steppes for morning tea. On the way to lunch at a park in Bothwell, we encountered a flock of sheep on the road (picture here). Don't see that in Sydney. We rode to Gretna for afternoon tea and then finished in New Norfolk. We are staying with more great hosts in New Norfolk.


Day 4

Started from Acacia Hills, and rode to Warm Springs in Kimberley for morning tea break (photo taken here). Had lunch in Deloraine at another friendly church. We had a slight tailwind for most of the way which was good. Then we had afternoon tea around an oval in Bracknell. Climbed up the first bit to Poatina. Tomorrow we will do the longer part of the climb to the top. Staying at a conferece centre.


Rest Day 1 but we decided to ride anyway

Some of us went on a ride on the rest day. My dad, Andrew M, and I decided to ride down to Devonport, and then explore the bike tracks along the coast to Ulverstone. It was a shorter ride. We found what we think was a small tiger snake and also took a break to forage for some blackberries. Stopped for lunch at Japanese place and then later stopped for gelato. Finished back in Acacia Hills.


Day 3

Was a slow soggy start, but dried up as we went on. I missed the first stop at a church in Yolla. Eventually was caught by Neil (support truck driver). Then we went through Hellyer gorge, and up towards Cradle Mountain. Stopped for lunch on the way. A few of us tried riding to Dove Lake, but were stopped and told to turn around. Are staying with more lovely hosts at Acacia Hills. Rest day tomorrow.


Day 2

Shorter ride today. Only 92kms which still sounds pretty big, but compared to the other rides, it is small. We were also riding against strong headwinds. We stopped at a church in Forest and attended their church service. Then we rode along the coast through Wynyard and had another break at a church. The group split up and the riders who were up for it took on a short, slippery, steep hill along Seabrook Rd, finishing at a church in Somerset. We are now billeting in Burnie with great hosts. There's even a drum kit here. I got fed very well and ate too much for dinner. 


Day 1 (& Day 0)

Hello everyone reading.
Quick update on what I'm up to in Tasmania.
We landed in Tasmania yesterday. Flight was fine. Usually get motion sick but didn't this flight. Tasmania is pretty cool. Stayed overnight at a youth centre. Hard to get mobile reception, but cozy. Other riders are friendly. 1st ride was from Riverbend. There was alot of roadkill. Went through Edith Creek, then up to Stanley for morning tea and lunch break at local church. My dad and I cable carted up The Nut and then walked/jogged around the top and then back down. Then we went back to Riverbend with a small detour to another church. It was around 130kms in total.


I'm raising funds for the Bible Society and I'd love your support.

I'm joining my dad to fundraise for the Bible Society by riding 1,200 kms over 10 days (& 2 rest days) across Tasmania. The funds I raise will support Bible Society's tax-deductible project in Bangladesh to provide reading and writing materials for literacy classes this year.

The Bangladesh Bible Society is seeking to reach children with the word of God through a literacy course designed especially for preschool-aged children in the rural and remote areas of Bangladesh. These children are prevented in beginning their education by poverty and distance. When they are older and able to travel, their lack of familiarity with the national Bengali language means attaining literacy is challenging.

In Bangladesh, tribal children (including those in the Garo, Santali, Chakma, Marma, and Tripura tribes) all start school in the Bengali language even though they speak in their mother tongue. Some of these tribes do not even have their language in written form, so learning literacy in Bengali is the only option.

Will you help us provide more literacy classes to children in Bangladesh today?


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Congratulations Peter


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Well done Peter


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Great effort Peter for a great cause.


Francis Nocom

Hey Peter, go well, ride safe, have fun and most importantly, beat your Dad!


David Ng

Great riding! Keep it up! Such a worthwhile cause and a special time to cherish with your father!


Lisa Cho

Great job guys!


Jeff & Grace O'chee

Don't get too far ahead of your father!!


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Well done. Ride safely.



Thanks for being a blessing. Enjoy the ride!


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May you and your dad have a God blessed “Bike for Bibles” time in Tasmania together!


Stephen Choi


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Enjoy the time with your dad!


Ken & Eleanor

Go Peter!! May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. And may you remember to wait for your dad at the top of each climb :D



Peter, Give your Dad a real challenge during this race!! Kind regards, David



Hope you have a great time!


Rob Greenfield

Good Luck and Fair weather ( plus good luck with HSC this year)




Steevie Chan

That's a lot of distance over many days! Add Oil :)


Gene Ling

All the best, Peter!


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Good Luck.


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Seeto Family

What an amazing cause you and your dad are riding for! All the best reaching your KM!


Steve Adams

That’s a solid challenge Peter! Don’t forget to wait for Dad!


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Good luck with the cycling from the Gallagher Family


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All the best with the preparation, Peter. Enjoy the bonding time and ride with your Dad!



All the best for a safe ride


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Go Peter! Good on you!


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peter lee


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Safe journey. Great cause.


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Good luck Peter,enjoy the journey


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Praying for your success and safety.


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Good Luck Peter! Stay ahead of the Pack!🚲 Look after your Old Dad!🤣 Stay Safe! 🙋‍♀️💕


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