Andrew Duff

Tasmania Bike for Bibles 2022

I'm raising funds for the Bible Society and I'd love your support.

I'm fundraising for the Bible Society by challenging myself to ride 1,600 kms over 15 days across Tasmania. The funds I raise will support Bible Society's tax-deductible project in Cambodia to provide reading and writing materials for literacy classes this year.

Illiteracy exposes Cambodian people to shame and exploitation and keeps people in poverty. Many of the youth and adult populations of rural Cambodia have not had the opportunity to receive a quality education due to the nation’s history of devastating war and genocide. Teachers are paid very low salaries, particularly in rural areas, where many only teach their students for two hours a day so they can earn additional income elsewhere.

The Learning through Listening literacy program was launched in Cambodia, partnering with local churches, to teach people how to read, by reading the Bible. Each year the program aims to provide literacy skills to a total of 5000- 6000 students, empowering illiterate people, so that they can read the Scriptures for their own personal growth and contribute more effectively to their communities.

This project has been running in Cambodia for over ten years, and in that time, it is estimated that approximately 46,000 previously illiterate people have learned to read.

Will you help us provide more literacy classes to Cambodia’s illiterate this year?

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Albert Clarke


Ken Loui

Looked like an awesome ride - I would've loved to have been there. Hopefully I can ride with you again in the future. Cheers.




Heather Perry


Susan And Phil Dawkins

Hey Andrew Wish we could have joined you We send our support to you and all the others on the BFB team.


Carolyn Southam

Well done




Jan Bingley

Good luck and we’ll done on a worthy cause! I saw this through Neil’s post 👍🏽



I think it's amazing what you do Andrew! Enjoy the trip, and I hope your efforts help many find a better life through learning to read.

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