Tasmania Bike for Bibles

I'm raising funds for the Bible Society and I'd love your support.

I'm fundraising for the Bible Society by challenging myself to ride 1,360 kms over 10 days across Tasmania. The funds I raise will support the work of Bible Society in Bangladesh to provide reading and writing skills to at least 1000 women through 50 rural churches. Through literacy classes women will be able to read, write about and interact with the word of God, greatly influencing their lives and those around them.

Being able to read and write is a major challenge in Bangladesh. Of the 165 million people in the densely populated nation next to India, 65 per cent are semi-literate at best. If you are a woman living in a rural area, your chances of being literate plummet. The ripple effects of no formal education are long-lasting, affecting everything from supporting children well, to work and social opportunities.

Will you support me to help women in Bangladesh receive the life-changing love, freedom and redemption that comes from reading God’s word?

Thank you to my Sponsors






Michael Ridgway

Enjoy the ride!


Dan Peet

Great work, in a great place for an even greater cause. Keep it up.









Have a safe trip and I pray you will be blessed as you seek to bless others.


Margaret Penford


Jacinta Nielsen


Alictia King

Best wishes for a safe, happy and successful ride! A, A, S & L x


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