Daniel Sullivan

Illawarra Christian School Bike for Bibles

I'm raising funds for the Bible Society and I'd love your support.

I'm fundraising for the Bible Society by challenging myself to ride for 3 days with Illawarra Christian School. The funds I raise will support the work of Bible Society in Africa. 

For women in ethnic minority communities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania, illiteracy not only brings humiliation but vulnerability. They cannot read labels or prescriptions. They cannot understand legal documents or sign their name. They are excluded from many employment opportunities. They cannot read the Bible in their own language to understand God’s love for them.

We are riding so we can help in two ways:

  1. To provide non-formal education to women and girls who are speakers of 16 minority languages in four countries in eastern and southern Africa.
  2. To train literacy facilitators and supervisors.

Best of all, by giving these women and girls the skills to read in their mother tongue it will also make the Scriptures available to them for the first time.

Will you help women in Africa receive the life-changing love, freedom and redemption that comes from reading God’s word?

Thank you to my Sponsors


Elaine Mcdermott

Congratulations Daniel for participating in the 2019 Bible Society fundraising challenge. I am so proud of you, your understand and compassion for those facing daily threats to their very life and the strength they will receive from learning and knowing God's love.


Laurent Steiger


Mum & Dad

Good on you Daniel for taking on the challenge for a wonderful charity. Have lots of fun love Mum & Dad


Kris Pomery

Good on ya mate. Proud of you.


Robin Sumskis

Stay safe & enjoy!


Patricia Mackey

Proud of you Daniel for undertaking this ride again this year. Hope the ride all goes smoothly. GAP


Sonia Brande

All the best Daniel.

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