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Red Socks is Back

Red Socks is back, with it been twenty five years since I last participated in a Bike for Bibles event  1993.

     After emigrating to Australia 1970 resided in Toowoomba, Queensland where as a trained psychiatric nurse employed at Baillie Henderson Hospital.

        A  dramatic Born Again experience on November 1st 1980  was to completely turn my life around, from a lonely, introverted shy timid person, with no prowess to any sporting abilities to one  suddenly filled joy, happiness  and energy to reach outstanding achievement’s which were far beyond imagination.      My first calling was to the Salvation Army creating rapid expansions and close relationships in many areas. It was at this time my seven year old son took  an interest road running, I was persuaded to join and within four years had completed many long distance runs. To celebrate my 50th I planned to run a super marathon 50ks.  It then I was attracted to a flyer on the citadel notice board which read “ More than a Marathon “ having no idea at time what it was about. Made contact  with the late Alan Banks, who after a long chat and set goals I needed to reach before the ride. His last question was where would like to ride to, my immediate answer, Canberra!, not realising the duel ride would be 2300klm in 1988  having never cycled more than 40k. This was  the first time of coming to know of the Bible Society and it’s functions. It was on this ride I acquired the name ‘ Red Socks’   A  sponsor owned a gents outfitters  and said he would not give money but I could have anything to help on the ride, four pair of red socks was part, and part of me on the following six years. Which included to Adelaide and Canberra(2) and others, but the most significant memorable was the 1991  CYCROSS AUSTRALIA-  4252klms, age 54, raising $10,000

     Now in my 80th year I have the privilege of becoming a member of  Great Southern Slopes team as a STATIC rider  on my newly acquired  DKN-AM-E Technology.  The incentive to participate came about from my Salvation Army  officer who is South African born and bred suggested I needed a cause to fund raise for and my continuing  contact and donations since returning to U.K 1995. The choice became simple BFB.   I am a duel citizen. Received the Australia Day Citizen Medal for services to Nursing, Bible Society- Bike for Bibles  and  Salvation Army and the community  of Toowoomba.  My strong Christian beliefs state that ‘  I can do all things through Him who strengths me .’   Compete to complete.  The BFB motto is ‘ Through our spokes God speaks ‘ which He as to me many times. I have many testimonies to share on experiences I had on my BFB rides.     So is with much prayer, thoughtful  anticipation and Love,  that I ask if you will support and Sponsor me in this mission.   My list of priorities have always been first to God, to the people who benefit from what I do and have done,  then my sponsors  give me reason to succeed,  not forgetting  Roadies( no Roadies no ride) who have put their faith, and trust in me.  Now in my twilight years, having retired from nursing at 73yrs Lived with my partner Celia fourteen years the later five taken up with increasing caring needs for her twenty four hour, the Static bike allows me to do the two things nearest to my heart, Caring and Sharing  in answer to Gods calling on my life of which I want to continue to do. I will truly  and honestly  record my progress to co-inside the finish 19th Oct.  My main sustenance is The Word, Isiah 40, 27-30,

      I thank you most sincerely  for your sponsorship donations and may you be truly Blest.


I'm raising funds for the Bible Society and I'd love your support.

I'm fundraising for the Bible Society by challenging myself to ride 920km on my Static DKN Exercise Bike over 28 days + 4 Rest days.Due to my age 81 and caring for partner, leaves me to cover the distance at an average of 38klms a day, the target I would like to reach is 1000k  The funds I raise will support Bible Society's Bible-based Literacy project in South Africa.

The purpose of this project is to teach basic literacy skills to pre-school to Grade 2 children in disadvantaged areas. This should assist them greatly with their formal education through the school system. As well as promoting literacy, the project will also help children know and understand the Bible at a very early age.

We hope to supply 250,000 booklets free of charge in the 11 languages spoken in South Africa. Will you help me make a difference?

Thank you to my Sponsors


Graham Harrisong


Graham Harrison


Graham Harrison


Graham Harrison


Graham Harrison


Mark Harrison

Dad is very strong willed, and determined. Always up for a challenge. Valiant effort..


Celia Seabridge

Thank you for all you do as my friend and carer. I know that you will reach your goal as you have always done on past Bike for Bibles


Major Barbara Lang

Well done Graham. Great to see you taking up the bike for Bibles again!!


Graham Harrison


Graham Harrison

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