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Hi All

Sorry for the lack of updates. 

It wasn't easy to send new posts via my mobile phone.

I can officially declare that we have completed the 10 Days of Bike for Bibles Tasmania and am back safely in Sydney since Friday afternoon.

It was a wonderful experience riding with 14 other full-time riders and 3 other part-time riders. We were ably supported by at least 3 roadies at all times who drove 2 vehicles which carried our nutritional and fluids supplies, day packs and equipment and luggage. We were also supported by local churches who provided warm fellowship and hearty food and drinks along our journey. In Bernie, Launceston, St Helens, Hobart and Launceston again, we were grateful for our billets who opened their homes for us to stay. As we rode from sights to sights and towns to towns, news of the funds that were donated encouraged us to press on despite the often inclement conditions we faced. As I write, the total amount raised for the Bangladeshi Rural Women Community Literacy Program exceeded $40K. So once again I'd like to thank you all for your valuable word or encouragement, prayers and donations.

Last but not least, all the praise goes to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross and rose from the dead and has authority over heaven and earth. He invites us to return to Him because He is our Maker. In Him, there is no other person or material thing that satisfies the desires of our hearts completely and forevermore.

Kindest Regards


PS. For those who would like to see more links to our rides and aerial views and pics. I will try my best to post this tomorrow.





Day 3 and 4

Day 3 was filled with meeting friends who came to live in Tasmania from Sydney. It was so good to here that God continues to be guiding their lives. Our God is our Strength and Refuge.  Here is the link to day 3.

Day 4 was the coldest, wettest and windiest ride in my life. After the first 30 km, I was bordering in hypothermia. My hands and fingers were so numb that I did struggled to remove my arm warmers and soaked cycling gear to towel down. But after a change in dry clothes with rain jacket and hot Milo and food, all but 2 of our riders continued. After the most demanding terrain so far and persistent extremes of weather, we were finally greeted with the sunshine 20 km from St Helens. Our first rest day was pure joy. To share in our suffering for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus. A mere taste of suffering that Paul faced, when he was shipwrecked for the sake of the Gospel and just like our Lord Himself when He bore our sins on the Cross.

Here is the link to day 4.





Days 1&2

We've been blessed with very warm hospitality and fellowship from our Tassie hosts. It is so encouraging to meet other riders from all over Australia coming to ride Tassie because of the additional focus on God's work in Bangladesh.


Obstacles, trials & solutions. All in God's Hands - 3 Days before we Ride!

3 days to the 1st leg of Bike for Bible Tassie 2019.

However it was a day of unforeseen obstacles.

While cleaning the bike I noticed a crack on the flange of my rear wheel's hub.

Had this failed during the event, there could have been broken spokes and a rear wheel failure with possible injury. But thanks to Our Heavenly Father, the problems were averted.

However, there was a second testing obstacle. When I was trying out my spare rear wheel I realised it needed to be trued. But this was more difficult than usual, but thankfully I located a faulty spoke due to a seized up thread. I had to cut the spoke because the nipple became burred from repeated turning with a spoke key under force. Thankfully I had a replacement spoke and nipple and managed to repair the wheel late into the night. 

These obstacles and trials remind me of what Job and Joseph endured. (Mine was just 1 day) And ultimately Jesus Himself endured and triumphed over, by rising on the third day. God is sovereign and in control. I thank Him for this testing day and for helping me through it. 0020. Time for bed.





More About Bangladesh, Bible Society's Involvement & Prayer Points!AiOu8OdUBaLltDpDdQybPE43Xl0i!AiOu8OdUBaLltDze7f0Y8xix-Q84

I have received a few great questions about Bangladesh, Bible Society's Involvement and Specific Prayer Points from some of you.

I've summarised this information on the first link above.

There is a second link to a power point presentation as well.



The Oft Forgotten Picture - Under 2 weeks now

We had some time off work for a family holiday to Bundanoon last week. Time to enjoy and explore the Southern Highlands. Time to relax. Time to be beaten in every board game. Time to watch the 3rd Edition of How to Train a Dragon, which was arguably the best of the Trilogy.

Thanks especially to Jenn & the boys, I was able to have some longer training rides on in the Southern Highlands and also on Australia Day Morning when I took this picture.

My family are part of the team, in the background and at times forgotten but invaluable. They give me time to train and rest. They will also give me time to be away during this 2 week event.

God blesses us with family. He supplies us with all that we need. He is most glorified when we trust and enjoy Him to the max. How often do we forget this about our Heavenly Father?

Just like this picture, may our blurred greyish background reflections and shadows bring out the unforgettable colours of God's glory all the more!





3 weeks to Go - Making Steady Progress

Had 2 days of solid training this weekend totalling over 200km.

The first was a Solo ride on Saturday, which included this view of Narrabeen lagoon from Collaroy Plateau.

The second is with my usual Sunday morning cycling group LRP, which stands for L'Equipe Riz au Poulet which is loosely translated Chicken Rice Peloton. We simulated the Corkscrew Climb in the Tour Down Under.

Thanks to everyone's questions about BFB Tasmania, sponsorship, prayers and good wishes.


John (AKA Weedend Warrior on Strava)

Less than 1 month to go - Crunch Time!

Time to squeeze in more training and preparation with the start date coming up fast on Feb 9.

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness and support the need for literacy and faith amongst the rural Bangladeshi women and around the world. 

Please pray for the final organisation of the 2019 Bike for Bible Tasmania event. May God give us a spirit of love, joy and unity. May He keep us safe.

Here is a beautiful pic of one of the iconic Cols of the Tour de France, the  Croix de Fer (Iron Cross) to inspire us along our Tour of Tasmania.





Dear Family & Friends

I'm fundraising for the Bible Society by cycling more than 1,400 kms in 10 days (with 3 rest days) across Tasmania from Feb 9th to 21st 2019. The funds raised will support the work of Bible Society in Bangladesh to provide reading and writing skills to at least 1000 women through 50 rural churches. Through literacy classes women will be able to read, write about and interact with the Word of God, greatly influencing their lives and those around them.

Being able to read and write is a major challenge in Bangladesh. Of the 165 million people in the densely populated nation next to India, 65 per cent are semi-literate at best. If you are a woman living in a rural area, your chances of being literate plummet. The ripple effects of no formal education are long-lasting, affecting everything from supporting children well, to work and social opportunities.

Joining me is one of my cycling buddies, Ken Loui, along with others from around Australia.

Will you support us to help women in Bangladesh receive the life-changing love, freedom and redemption that comes from reading God’s word?

Thank you to my Sponsors


Helen Patterson

well done


Vimala Aiyathurai


Evelyn Gallard


Wayne Camage

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.


Brian Lynne

Legendary achievement.


Margaret Holmes


Marianne Halpern

Wishing you a safe trip. Praying for you. Take Care!


Irene Fletcher-anderson


David Leung

Keep going!!!!


David Barnard

Good on you John!!!!


Simon Cohen

Good Luck John



Well done John. Riding to make a difference. To His glory & praise.


Paul And Margaret Edwards

Best wishes! Stay safe! Well done!


David & Shauna

Well done Dr John!





Dr Lee, keep going!



John, thank you for doing the hard yards and enjoying it at the same time! My thoughts are with you as you safely complete this ride!


Neville And Marj Cave

Keep safe. Be blessed and be a blessing. Praying for you.


Beng Tan


Alf Kroese

Keep it rubber side down John.


C Chang

We will pray for you. All the best.


Garry Williams

Have a great 10 days of cycling




Margaret Robinson

Looking forward to catching up


Jill/ray Palmer



Sandra Foster

Best wishes to you all for a safe ride John.


Catherine Twyman

Cycle safely John & enjoy the journey!


Ken & Beth

Happy cycling .Stay safe


Dietrich Blasberg


Conrad Sinclair

I hope you have an awesome time. All the best


Sebastian De Candia


Jeff O'chee

Go for it but don't break a clavicle


Kelvin, Vicky And Elina

Have a safe ride!


Trevor Cairney

Hope it goes well John, sounds like a big ride. I'm sure that you're up to it!


Bobby & Steph Tan

Go John!


Paul Blunschi


Andrew Mcintosh

Enjoy the adventure John!


Charles Evans

Good Luck with the ride and safe travelling


David Ng

Safe journey!


Deb Lai

Keep safe and well done !


Anthony Petterson


The Greenfields

Safe wheels Dr John 'Our Bike Tripper'


Anthony Dawson


Adam Jaques

Good luck!


Jan Taylor

Happy riding,have fun


Paul Parmentier




Paul Parker

Good on you John, very happy to support you in your ride and for the cause of providing bibles to the unreached.


Barbara Burns

Well done John. A worthy cause indeed. Keep those pedals turning. B&B


Ken Fitzgerald

Enjoy the Tasmanian scenery, and be careful of Echidnas crossing the road !


Kevin Mills

Great idea and wonderful commitment, may the Word spread wide and far.


Owen & Asni

God keep you safe, may the riding challenge and journey be a blessing to you and others.


Steve & Michele Adams

Enjoy that “flat” terrain in Tassie!


Raymond Ho

You are doing a fantastic great cause. Have a good time and enjoy the whole journey and ride safe.


May Choy

Stay safe and have lots of fun !


Paddy Mcdermott

Great stuff John. Ride strong.


John Abram


Steevie Chan

What a great cause! All the best and ride safe in Tassie. Gloria Soli Deo!


Julian And Carolyn

Happy cycling


Prash Menon


Ivan Seeto

What an awesome thing you’re doing to send God’s word out! Ride hard! All the best to you and Kenny!


Carolyn Timms

What a wonderful cause you are supporting. Best of luck on your ride, enjoy and stay safe.


Paul And Liz

Hope you and the group have an exciting and safe journey around Tassie. Congratulations raising funds for the underprivileged.


Sidney Chong

Good luck for your trip next month!


Cheryle Strickland

Good luck on the ride, Cheryle Strickland



What a great way to explore Tasmania and raise funds for a worthy cause to spread the good news. All the best to you and Ken!


David Howarth

John, Yvonne and I are happy to encourage you on your epic ride. Your support to underprivileged women around the world is great. Good luck with the ride. Be safe. David Howarth


Trevor Hunter


Edgar Petrone

Best wishes for what I'm sure will be a great cycling experience in February John!



Thanks for inviting me to join you on this challenge and adventure. The first, but hopefully not the last one!

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