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We all fall down, but get back up again....

Fell off my bike last week- and think I broke a rib- however, feel ok to keep going - but when i sneeze!!! my goodness that is a 'challenge'. Thank you for supporting me- I will leave it open for people to keep giving right up until race in the Triathlon in September.... if you want to make a tax deductible donation before the end of financial year- please do so today! 

Still cycling, swimming, running

It is getting colder! So I bought a wetsuit for swimming in Lake Macquarie... but a bit of a shock when i jump in! The cycling is easier- with more lycra shirts coming my way from the Bike for Bibles storage room :) (Photos to come) I hurt my back driving long distance to my family farm near Tamworth, and then lifting boxes of Bibles at Koorong last week, so I had a few days rest. Still cranking- please consider supporting me before the end of June!

My 20/20 Challenge- Tri for Bibles

My pledge for my 20/20 Challenge is that for every $20 you donate, I will swim/ride/or run for 20 minutes. I will aim to complete a full Triathlon distance.

By taking part in Bible Society's 20/20 Challenge, I'm raising funds to help others here and overseas Open The Bible through all means possible. Your donation will also help me in my personal challenge to train for a full Triathlon. 

Will you help me reach my fundraising goal and make a difference?

$510 can equip 15 people with literacy skills using Bible based material.

$1020 can teach 30 people to read and write, and provides them each with God’s word.

$2,000 can go towards printing and distributing Scripture for Indigenous communities

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Ann Leitch

Hi Jono! Your such a good guy! All the best with training for the triathlon. It’s a pleasure to support you!


Maria Mahdalena


Finny Abraham Thadathil



Living Legend JH




Patrick Jacob

You can do it


Stephen Harris

‘Mount up with wings as eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint’. Cycle with blessings!


Geordie Barham

I always knew you were a triathlete.



Good luck Jono


Mark Lawrenson

Great work mate. Get those pedals going!


Rick George

Good on ya Jonathan, I’ll give 10x more if Chris Melville & Rick Pekan do the tri with you.


Jonathan Harris

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What are we raising funds for?

We want to Open The Bible to all people everywhere - in their own heart language.

Bible Society is committed to providing God's word to everyone. Whether it is through Bible translation work with local Indigenous brothers and sisters, or through Bible-based literacy programs for minority communities in Asia-Pacific and beyond - we want to Open The Bible for everyone through all means possible.