Barraba to Kaputar Summit Multisport Fundraiser

It is getting closer ! Am I ready?

When I signed up to do this I thought I have done two 1/2 marathons this year so this should be ok! I am now beginning to think that I am totally crazy! I am sure my husband would say to you that I am totally mad. I am now thinking I need to do some climbing to the lookout here in Tamworth to be ready for this. Please pray that I find the time to do this!
In the image below I was op shopping with a friend when we found these! You will be please to know that I won't be wearing those shoes to finish this task.

I'm raising funds for the Bible Society and I'd love your support.

I'm fundraising for the Bible Society by challenging myself on the Barraba to Kaputar Summit. 

Help Open The Bible around the world, through translation, engagement, advocacy and distribution. Tax deductible donations will fund projects such as International Bible-based Literacy programs, Australian Indigenous projects, distribution of Bibles for Public School Scripture and the Australian Defence Force, as well as the AUSLAN Bible project.

Will you help us Open The Bible around the world ?

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