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20/20 Challenge

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My 20/20 Challenge

My pledge for my 20/20 Challenge is that for every $20 you donate, I will walk the dog for 20 minutes. 

By taking part in Bible Society's 20/20 Challenge, I'm raising funds to help others here and overseas Open The Bible through all means possible. Your donation will also help me in my personal challenge to walk the dog. 

Will you help me reach my fundraising goal and make a difference?

$510 can equip 15 people with literacy skills using Bible based material.

$1020 can teach 30 people to read and write, and provides them each with God’s word.

$2,000 can go towards printing and distributing Scripture for Indigenous communities

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Vesna Jovanovic

God Bless You Mark


Vesna Jovanovic

Doing a good Job brother God Bless


Rod Winter

Keep dry walking the dog


N And A Ridley Nominees Pty Ltd


Silvio Fantasia

Great cause of course, but I am donating because I just want to see you walk longer with your dog.


Pamela Trevarton

This is an amazing thing you are doing to give people the gift of life giving words!!!


Zoran Paunovich

Well done, don't let the dock walk you offer your're still looking young as ever, most impressive


Simon Berry

Great stuff brother! Get the gospel out there and get that dog a walking!




John Ridley



I’ll walk with you in my tennis court 😘



Great concept and wishing you success


Nick Duffield

Don’t wear out the poor dog brother - but a great cause!!


Assured Home Care

Praying God uses these bible translations to reach and encourage our indigenous friends


Paul J




International Stability Agency

A great man following a Great Man


Carmel Scicluna


Alex Antic


Eric Yap


Keneally Consulting


Geoffrey Robertson

Keep up the good work👍


Bec Barnes

Fantastic initiative from a fantastic team.


Cathy Nicolopoulos

Great cause Mark


Stefan Horvath


Kay Grainger

Hi Mark, all the best with your challenges. Rodney is now in a nursing home. Loved my time working in Aboriginal communities.


Paul Madden

Bless you Mark.


David Balestri

Your a champion


Mudri Mark

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What are we raising funds for?

We want to Open The Bible to all people everywhere - in their own heart language.

Bible Society is committed to providing God's word to everyone. Whether it is through Bible translation work with local Indigenous brothers and sisters, or through Bible-based literacy programs for minority communities in Asia-Pacific and beyond - we want to Open The Bible for everyone through all means possible.