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20/20 Challenge

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My 20/20 Challenge

My pledge for my 20/20 Challenge is that for every $20 you donate, I will run for 20 minutes. 

By taking part in Bible Society's 20/20 Challenge, I'm raising funds to help others here and overseas Open The Bible through all means possible. Your donation will also help me in my personal challenge to keep active. 

Will you help me reach my fundraising goal and make a difference?

$510 can equip 15 people with literacy skills using Bible based material.

$1020 can teach 30 people to read and write, and provides them each with God’s word.

$2,000 can go towards printing and distributing Scripture for Indigenous communities

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What are we raising funds for?

We want to Open The Bible to all people everywhere - in their own heart language.

Bible Society is committed to providing God's word to everyone. Whether it is through Bible translation work with local Indigenous brothers and sisters, or through Bible-based literacy programs for minority communities in Asia-Pacific and beyond - we want to Open The Bible for everyone through all means possible.