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20/20 Challenge

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The New Look

For those who haven't seen me face to face, here's a glimpse to a new slimmer look. Both the financial year and the 20/20 challenge come to a close Tuesday night. 

My workouts will not stop and the need will not cease for people around the world to fine hope and literacy through our work. I pray that if you are considering a last minute tax deductible donation, that you will help push me over $2,000. What an achievement that would be!

Morning View

This is the view that greets me three mornings a week. Not at the beginning of my 6am workout, but at about 7am when I'm finished. After I've run dozens of laps, sometimes done 4-5 reps of a dozen exercises (planks, push ups etc). 

It's not natural to me. It's difficult. I don't often come home with this positive feeling like I've accomplished something. It doesn't give me joy... but it's important. Health needs to be a priority for me. 

And this month, my motivation is my own 20/20 challenge to keep my activity up. For that, I need your financial support. 

Tomorrow morning is going to be a cold one. I hope when I wake up I'll be motivated by your donation to help get me out the door, which in turn will help provide literacy training for those in need in places like Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Cambodia, South Africa, Mozambique and China. 

Longest Cycle Ride

It's been a sleep deprived week in the Pekan household, in addition to a very busy time. Life in a big family isn't always conducive to early morning or frequent excessive. 

But my challenge persists and the desire for me to raise funds for our important work is as strong as ever. So as the rain showers moved on in Perth, I went on my longest cycle ride ever. A 25km+ ride to Perth's CBD which has added an hour and forty minutes to my time. 

We're nearly halfway through June. I've had some amazing support, but now I've upped my goal to $2,500. I'm nearly at $1,000. So I hope you'll chip in and support me to keep going!

The Running Continues

As part of my Menbeing workout, I've increased over the past week from running 40, 100metre laps, to yesterday running 50, 100metre laps. In addition, I took a long cycle ride over the weekend. 

The workout continues, the fitness improves, but the mission is the same, to help people gain literacy. It's looking cold for the workout tomorrow morning. 

Public Holiday Run

It's a public holiday in the West, but it's the first official day of the 20/20 challenge. So off I went in my normal pattern of 40 minutes of activity. This morning the workout was to do 40 runs of 100 metres (1 minute each). 

One of the guys took a picture. He's apparently impressed with my straight line running. 

But I need your help, I've now completed more activity then funds raised. I need another $40 today to break even. Will you help? 

Friday Morning Run

As part of my normal routine. I did my run of 35, 100 meter runs (with some warm up and cool down, stretching etc). So my Google Fit app picked up 3.62 kms, 40 minutes of run and 4589 steps. Going forward, I'll be sure to turn my Strava on.  

Normally we have about 5 to 10 blokes in this workout, but out here in Perth, the rain and storms are coming. So most decided to stay in bed.

But luckily, we just avoided it on the little oval we were working out in. 

So I decided to start the challenge by giving $80 for this mornings 40 minute run and my 40 minute workout from Wednesday. Hopefully many more will support me going forward!

Rick Pekan's 20/20 Challenge

For the past year, I've been working with other dads at my local kids primary school 2 to 3 mornings a week. I've been challenged to move more and live healthier. And my healthy habits have grown. 

For the month of June (and beyond) I'm taking part in Bible Society's 20/20 Challenge. $20 for 20 minutes of running/cycling helps one person learn to read in places like Pakistan, South Africa, Cambodia, China and for refugees in the Middle East. So for every $20 I receive, I'll run/cycle 20 minutes. I hope you'll help make this very challenging for me!

Will you help me reach my fundraising goal and make a difference?

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AWSOME effort!!!!! Proud of YOU 👍


Valmai Salmond

Thanks Rick for all you do! God's blessing


Jodi Koepke

Well done! Keep going.



Well done slim...


Christopher Johnson

Looking great, bud!



I don’t have much to spare but I know every dollar counts!


Leni Mcmillan

Keep it up Rick:-)


Nathan Blackwell

Keep it up my man!!


Jessica Bärwolf

Go and rock Mr. Pekan 🥰 you can be proud of yourself.


Jeffrey Pessina


Jacqueline Melville


Adele Williams

Keep it up!



Love your passion for the Bible, your Family and your community. You’re an inspiration and I am blessed to work with you.


Wesley Sim

Go to the top Ric!


Jeremy Bourdon

I figured being a sports minister it’s my job to help you with your fitness haha!


Rodney Olsen


The Wife

Work it! Proud of you!


Kane Depiazz

Good work Rick!


Rick Pekan

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