Team Challenge's 20/20 Challenge

20/20 Challenge

Will you support us in making a difference?

Our pledge for our team's 20/20 Challenge is that for every $20 you donate, we will collectively [Selected challenge activity] for 20 minutes. 

By taking part in Bible Society's 20/20 Challenge, we are raising funds to help others here and overseas Open The Bible through all means possible. Your donation will also help us in our personal challenge to [Selected challenge activity]. 

Will you help us reach our fundraising goal and make a difference?

  • $1530 can equip 45 people with literacy skills using Bible based materials

  • $3026 can teach 89 people to read and write, and provides them each with God’s word.

  • $5,000 can go towards printing and distributing Scripture for Indigenous communities

Thank you to our Sponsors



Living Legend JH


Stephen Harris

‘Mount up with wings as eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint’. Cycle with blessings!


Finny Abraham Thadathil



Good luck Jono


Patrick Jacob

You can do it


Ann Leitch

Hi Jono! Your such a good guy! All the best with training for the triathlon. It’s a pleasure to support you!




Harry Comer

Great job Jono 👍


Rick George

Good on ya Jonathan, I’ll give 10x more if Chris Melville & Rick Pekan do the tri with you.


Geordie Barham

I always knew you were a triathlete.


Maria Mahdalena


Mark Lawrenson

Great work mate. Get those pedals going!


Jonathan Harris

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