Tim Knell

Melbourne Bike for Bibles 2021

Riding the Federation trail

3 bridges have been added to the Federation Trail. It was 34 kms round trip. This is the first time I have ridden it since the works started in early 2020. The bridges have made a difference to the amenity of the trail but still 4 required to avoid having to stop for traffic.

I'm raising funds for the Bible Society and I'd love your support.

I'm fundraising for the Bible Society by challenging myself to ride 125 kms on the Great Western Discovery Ride. The funds I raise will support the work of Bible Society in Pakistan. 

More than half of all Pakistani women are illiterate – 80 per cent in rural areas. The gift of literacy is incredibly valuable because it provides a stronger financial and spiritual foundation for families, and can transform lives. That’s why Bible Society Australia is helping illiterate women by supporting Bible-based literacy classes in rural communities.

For a Christian woman, learning to read means being able to read the Bible for the very first time. Each student will receive her own copy of the New Testament in Urdu.

Will you help us turn on the light of literacy for another 8,000 women this year?

Thank you to my Sponsors


Laura Knell


Ken Terry

Hey Tim, make sure your tyres are pumped up! not like me!!


Maryrose Grima

All the best with this Tim!


Jenny Mcwilliam

Good on you, Tim.


Mr. Nevil Knell


Kirby Lancaster

Ride safely Tim and may God awaken in your mind's eye, the righteous investment you are making in lives.


Tim Knell


Stephen David Fry

Hey Bro, remember riding a bike is like wrestling a crocodile - you don't stop just because you're tired. Have a good one, Steve


Tim Knell

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