Tasmania Bike for Bibles

 5th Jan - 18th Jan 2024


Challenge yourself to ride 1,200km and raise funds to support literacy classes in Bangladesh.

Let's transform lives through literacy and help children in Bangladesh learn to read!

When?  January 5th – January 18th 2024

Where? Riverbend Youth Centre - Burnie - Cradle Mountain - Sheffield - Poatina - Hobart - St Helens - Scottsdale - Launceston 

Costs? $10 registration and $640 on road costs. 

Find out more about Bible Society Australia and our mission

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Why are we riding?

The Bangladesh Bible Society is seeking to reach children with the word of God through a literacy course designed especially for preschool-aged children in the rural and remote areas of Bangladesh. These children are prevented in beginning their education by poverty and distance. When they are older and able to travel, their lack of familiarity with the national Bengali language means attaining literacy is challenging.

In Bangladesh, tribal children (including those in the Garo, Santali, Chakma, Marma, and Tripura tribes) all start school in the Bengali language even though they speak in their mother tongue. Some of these tribes do not even have their language in written form, so learning literacy in Bengali is the only option.

Will you help us provide more literacy classes to children in Bangladesh today?

Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the cut off date for registration?

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15th December 2023

What if I can't commit to the whole ride? 

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You are very welcome to do part of the ride, as long as you join at the beginning of the course.

This will need to be organised beforehand, as well as re-negotiated on road costs. Roughly $60 per day with $10 registration fee

What is the maximum number of riders who can join this ride? 

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There is a maximum of 30 riders and 6 roadies

What is the proposed course? 

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Friday January 5th Arrive at Riverbend Youth Centre in the afternoon   

Saturday January 6th

Option 1 Riverbend - Arthur River - Marrawah - Riverbend - 150ks

Option 2 Riverbend - Edith Creek - Forest - Stanley - Montague - Riverbend -  130ks

Option 3 Stanley - Montague - Riverbend - 74ks

Sunday January 7th

Option 1 Riverbend -  Burnie - 96k

Option 2 Riverbend -nRocky Cape - 43ks

Monday January 8th

Option 1 Burnie - Somerset - Yolla -  Fossy River - Cradle Mountain -  116ks 

Option 2 Yolla - Fossy River - 52ks

Tuesday January 9th Rest day at Cradle Mountain/ Sheffield

Wednesday January 10th

Option 1 Sheffield - Poatina - 121ks

Option 2 Mole Creek - Bracknell - 59ks

Thursday January 11th

Option 1 Poatina - the Steppes - Bothwell - Hamilton - New Norfolk - 152ks

Option 2 The Steppes - Bothwell - Gretna - New Norfolk - 63ks

Friday January 12th

Option 1 New Norfolk - Hobart - Mount Wellington - Kingston - Hobart - 112ks

Option 2 New Norfolk - Hobart - 38ks

Saturday January 13th Rest day in Hobart   

Sunday January 14th

Option 1 Hobart - Little Swanport 115ks

Option 2 Hobart - Richmond - Triabunna - Little Swanport - 62ks

Monday January 15th 

Option 1 Little Swanport - St Marys - St Helens - 145ks

Option 2 Swansea - Elephant Pass - 74ks

Tuesday January 16th

Option 1 St Helens Derby - Scottsdale - 100ks

Option 2 Welborough - Scottsdale - 54ks

Wednesday January 17th Scottsdale - Ben Lomond - The Branch Launceston - 105ks 

Does it matter if I have not ridden before; can I still come?

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Yes! Everyone is welcome, however training is recomended before the ride.

Is there a sponsorship goal?

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Riders are expected to fundraise $1,500

For members of the same family eg couples $2,000

Is there a minimum speed I should be able to ride at, to keep up with the group?

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We ride in two groups:

  • Slower group should be able to ride at 20km/hr consistently 
  • Faster group should be able to ride at 30km/hr consistently 

It is recommended you include hills and slopes as part of your training 

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